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Exitans Coffeine Hair Tonic

Exitans Coffeine Hair Tonic


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Exitans ATP™ Caffeine Hair Tonic / Substantially improve the condition of hair follicles

Exitans ATP™ Caffeine Tonic helps to promote hair growth as the chemical targets DHT, which is the hormone responsible for hair loss. When the hormone DHT attaches itself to the hair follicles it prevents the vitamin, proteins and minerals from providing the hair with the nutrients needed to keep the hair growth cycle going.

Exitans ATP™ Caffeine Tonic has a positive effect on the hair follicle; the chemical causes hair cells to produce more ATP (ATP is the energy of our biological cells). The production of more ATP helps the hair follicle in its active growing phase, this results in the hair continuing to grow.


The ATP is used for many cell functions including transport work moving substances across cell membranes.

ATP is also used as an on-off switch both to control chemical reactions and to send messages.

The ATP molecule can bond to one part of a protein molecule, causing another part of the same molecule to slide or move slightly which causes it to change its conformation, inactivating the molecule.

Is dermatology tested and its pH value is suitable for the scalp.

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