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Lancopharm Vaporizing Chest rub

Lancopharm Vaporizing Chest rub


Lancopharm Lancopharm

Lancopharm Vaporizing Chest Rub (50 g Jar)

Relieving your cold and cough symptoms is as easy as rubbing your chest! Vaporizing chest rub uses menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus to suppress coughing and provide temporary relief from nasal congestion.


Indication:  Helps relieve nasal congestion


Dosage and Application:

Apply to throat, chest and back. Rub on a thick layer at night and/or morning. Keep the clothing loose and allow the vapours to rise to the nose and mouth.

Steaming application method: Part fill a bowl with steaming water (Not boiling) and add 2 teaspoonfuls of Vaporizing Chest Rub. Then gently inhale the steaming vapours with a towel over your head and bowl. This may be repeated up to 4 times daily.