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NIOGEN™ Conditioner / MEN

NIOGEN™ Conditioner / MEN


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NIOGEN™ Conditioner / MEN protect scalp cells against senescence.


NIOGEN™, obtained from nature, is a combination of botanical active ingredients that reduces hair loss, stimulates growth and increases hair density.

A combination of 3 plants (Scutellaria baicalensis, Triticum vulgare sprout and Glycine max sprout) that increases cellular energy and activates follicle stem cells (ATP), while protecting them from senescence. L-Arginine increases the level of nitric oxide, thereby promoting hair growth.

NIOGEN™ provides sugars to the follicles, which enter the citric acid cycle and increase cellular respiration. In in vitro assays with NIOGEN™ it can be seen that both isolated mitochondria and intact cells increase oxygen consumption.



  • An increase in glycolysis and ATP production   à more active and vigorous follicles.
  • The activation of stem cells     à  initiation of a new anagen phase, leading to hair growth and greater hair density.
  • Mitochondrial DNA protection against oxidative stress and ROS reduction in stem cells and fibroblasts  à  more active and healthier cells, leading to a longer anagen phase and thicker and denser hair.
  • The preservation of follicle fibroblasts from senescence for longer time, resulting in an extension of the anagen phase.


Is dermatology tested and its pH value is suitable for the scalp.

After washing with NIOGEN™ Shampoo / MEN apply to wet hair and scalp and massage in gently. Let it act for 2 minutes and rinse throughly with plenty of water.